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Help with Lyme disease treatment in Asia


I am in need of some help with regard to Lyme disease treatment in Asia. I have just had a clinical diagnosis of neuro lyme and started ceftriaxone iv over 2 weeks ago, which seems to help.
I live in Singapore and had my first neurological symptoms on 09 Feb, when I went to hospital in there and the neurosurgeon suggested a surgery of my spine....Needless to say, I went to a second doctor the next day, who tested my blood. Asked to be tested for ticks as well, as I had a slight suspicion and that came back positive for rickettsia (but he did not do a lyme test). Was put on 2x100mg doxy per day for rickettsia, which had quite a good reaction (lymphnodes were painful in my entire body). Symptoms started to get worse, so I demanded a lyme test. Flew out to Germany and went straight to hospital, where I am currently on ceftriaxone iv, based on the clinical diagnosis. I think I was "lucky", as was put on medication roughly 1.5 weeks after symptoms first started. Singapore serum lyme test came back negative in Western Blot (without any mentioning of bands), but this is currently being re-tested here in Germany on serum and CSF. Results pending..

My problem now is that I cannot stay here forever, as my job and family are in Singapore, where doctors unfortunately are not very familiar with this disease and I am worried about the further treatment/follow up. Similarly, in Germany, doctors think that after the 4 weeks of ceftriaxone, you are practically cured, or might need a max of one more round, but that should be it. I might be lucky and that is the case or I might be unlucky and this was not it for me and I need further treatment, for which I need to find a good doctor in Singapore or somewhere in Asia.

There was another lady on this board who also contacted Lyme's and who also was living in Singapore at that time. Her symptoms matched mine entirely. She stopped posting around April/May 2008 and I am hoping this is because she was cured. She seemed to have found the right doctors in Singapore to help her and I am now desperately trying to get in touch with her, as she is the only one I found from that part of the world who seems to have been in the same situation. Unfortunately, as a new member I cannot PM (you need to be a long time member or something....).

If anybody could help or has any other information about good Lyme doctors in Singapore/Asia, pls let me know.


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