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What's going on with me?

About 5 years ago, I had to go to the emergency room for dehydration. One of the symptoms I had was that my feet felt like I had "pads" on the soles; I felt "numb" (best way I can describe the sensation) from the waist down, and my hands felt the same. After treatment at the hospital, I felt better but the "numbness," although far less-severe, is still in my feet and hands. My grip in my hands feels weaker. In addition, my energy is low; not motivated to do physical activity. I feel generally weak in my legs and arms and at times, the "numbness" in my extremities will feel more severe. For instance, the other day there was a "tingling" sensation (again, the best I can describe it) throughout my entire body. When I urinated, that sensation felt even more intense. Yesterday, I felt depleted from the symptoms described. I had also been laying around all day, which probably didn't help. Since the dehydration bout, I've had equilibrium issues.

Maybe a year or so later, I was diagnosed with pancreatitis, which was successfully treated.

I'm wondering what's causing the weakness/"numb" sensations/equilibrium problems I continue to experience? What could be going on with me? I'm sick & tired of being sick and tired! Do any of my symptoms sound like they're connected to a particular malady?

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