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Re: Helpful hint for MRSA skin infections

I am from Memphis! Thanks for your information. I have tried the soaks with Epsom salt and it has been helping. I don't seem to have "new" sores, just ones that keep reinfecting. I learned the hard way about going to the doctor as soon as possible. I didn't have a diagnosis for the longest time so I wasn't really sure who I was going to contact...primary care, dermatologist at the time I didn't have an infectious Disease doc.
That taught me to let someone know as soon as I am aware of a flare up. I do have alot of muscle and nerve pain which I was surprised to find out that was a symptom. Someone brought up in a post about magnesium levels. I do know that you have to get a specific blood test to have it measured and the articles I've read say low levels of magnesium are pick up with the test on individuals with MRSA/MSSA, therefore a supplement as been suggested. I'm still trying to regain my strength ofter this last bout. If you have any suggests on diets that will strengthen my immune system, I'd love to hear them. Thanks hope your day is a good one