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polycythemia to anemia

ive had polycthemia for about 10 years controlling with phlebos. now my doc says i am anemic and this is due to the progression of the disease. whats happening is my spleen got even bigger, I lost 20 lbs and I got all kinds of pains in my legs like I just got done squating 1000 lbs or something, real sore legs and lethargic.I have no energy. THe cause of the anemia is my slpeen is killing off too many rbcs so its getting bigger which is causing my bone marrow to produce even more rbcs and putting a load of stress on the marrow which is bad because bone marrow under stress and cause scarring of the marrow and that is a new set of problems for me. I hate polycythemia.By the way all this happened in a 3 week peroid. the 3 weeks i ended my 10 year relationship she was cheating, so lots of stress. So guys avoid stress if you can. Now if my iron does not raise Im facing hydroxyurea yup chemo to help with the symptoms. wish me luck better than that please pray for me. ill keep you updated. thanks.

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