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Re: I Think We All Forget...

Hi. I would like to agree with your post..

It is refreshing to find another who has the same thoughts ... It is important to be thankful and I never understood how important it was. Not only does it create positive thoughts of love and gratefulness but I believe it brings more happiness to your life. Like attracts like. Feel the sun on your face and say a little thankyou in your mind and be AWARE. Awareness opens up a whole other world. It also teaches you to listen to your inner gut feelings about situations that are not going to be healthy for your well-being.

Depression is an inner feeling of doubts, sadness, negatives and loss. If depression didn't exist then we can't really learn what it is like to feel the opposite of being trusting of yourself, happy, positive and individually whole.

If the medication you are on isn't working, try until you find the right one. Same with your doctor. There is a chemical imbalance in your brain, it doesn't make you less of a person.

Thankyou for message boards for allowing me to rant when I feel like it.

Thankyou to the other ppl who are also sharing, it helps me not to feel alone.

Thankyou to finally realising after 30+ years that I'm not stupid and a failure because I failed school ... the positive side is that I've learnt things that no 'school' can teach.

Anyone who is hurting really badly
, hold on. It will pass and it will make you stronger. And like the poster above - get some sun, dont hide away, the sun is actually needed physically for your body to function properly.

The healthier the body/the healthier the mind ... please don't damage your body for the mere sake of it ... be kind to yourself. Forgive yourself + whoever has hurt you. Not even for their sake but for your own wellbeing ...

Nicky x

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