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Re: Resistant BPPV: I cannot fix it!

I used to have BPPV. Started in late 2009. 1st experience was terrifying! Felt odd previous evening; went to bed and by 3am I got up and COULD NOT STAND at all; kept falling to the left. Went to emergency. They diagnosed me with BPPV; told me that Ativan helped. I'd been taking Ativan (2mg) for about 3 years at that point so decided that was not going to help. Episodes kept happening more frequently. I decided to just "live with it". Last episode was the night before a flight home from my vacation.

This is going to sound really BIZARRE, but I accidentally saw a movie about a Psychiatrist who said that cleaning out ear wax with Q-tips, etc. hurts inner ear conditions. I thought, why not try it? And I did. I only clean out my ear wax when it is actually is exterior to my ear. It's been over a year now and I have had NO EPISODES at all.