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Re: Am I supposed to be showing???

peoples bodies react in different ways during pregnancy.. if your doctor hasnt expressed any worry with your weight gain then you shouldnt either (in terms of something being wrong, i know worry about the added pounds is hard to control) but you will lose some weight when you have the baby.. im not sure your eating style but maybe try to eat a bit healthier? your doctor may also have some suggestions for you there also.. DO NOT DIET! but you can talk to your doctor and see what excersizes you can do.. most will ok walking with a healthy pregnancy... your belly will most likely be a bit "scrunchy" after you have the baby, as your muscles stretch as your baby grows, BUT after that baby comes out and you get the ok.. you can do sit ups or cruches and it will go back to normal. also, breast feeding is a really good way to lose weight after! all in all when you hear that first little cry, you will have a whole other focus! hope this helped a little!