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Re: Am I supposed to be showing???

Hi Bella!

We all show at very different times in our pregnancies. With my first child I did not wear maternity clothes until 6 months! My second was quite a bit earlier, of course.

What is most important is to be doing everything you can to give your baby the best start possible, and your waistline cannot be your major focus...your baby is.

While we have all seen women who do not seem to have an ounce of fat, and they have the cutest bubble belly, no love handles, no back fat, no thunder thighs, nothing! There are the other women who never even know they are pregnant until delivery (although that one never makes sense to me).

Most of us women though, store fat in other areas of the body, giving us that "wide load" appearance from the rear. Which ever type of woman you are will make the difference as to how you carry your baby.

I would encourage you to embrace yourself as a beautiful woman, because the creation of a child has much more meaning that any physical changes that might bother you. It is a short time of life that you will never forget, so don't miss one second of it worrying about a few bulges or pounds.

Of course, any walking, stretching and pre-delivery type of exercise you can do will both make delivery easier and faster, as well as make the recovery faster. As "lost" mentioned, breast feeding will help the recovery greatly.

I would try and get involved in any mommy and me type of groups, where you meet with other moms for outings and friendship. There is nothing better that having friends that are also new moms to lean on for support and fun. Look into any groups that do yoga for expectant mothers, or other styles of fitness that your doctor recommends for you.

I wish you a wonderful pregnancy and easy delivery of a healthy and happy baby. It is the most miraculous thing in life, and I hope you enjoy each phase of parenting...It is a fantastic experience!