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Re: Lightheaded and need your advice please!

Hi and thank you for responding and I hope that you can steer me in the right direction, I would be forever greatful!!

"Do you experience these symptoms all the time? What provokes them? "

Yes, I experience the symptoms all the time no matter what time of day although some days are worse than others. I have not been able to correlate anything to my feelings as far as food, motion, etc. so, I can't say what may be provoking it.

"Were you symptomatic when you visited these doctors? How much testing did they do?"

Yes, I was symptomatic when I visited the doctors. The testing I've had so far includes multiple rounds of blood work, an MRI of my brain to rule out tumors and MS. I had some ear tests performed to check the internal auditory canals and they all came back clear. I had the echo of my heart as well as the heart stress test both of which came back fine. I had an upper endoscopy for some other issue i was having (right side pain) and so I do have a small ulcer but while she was in there, tested me for celiac disease and I don't have that. The neurologist performed a nerve shock test, I don't remember what it was for, but the results were normal. I recently had a chest xray and ct scan to check for edema or pulmonary embolism and those both came back fine.

I am out of ideas. I wonder if a food allergy or an endocrine/hormonal issue could cause my feelings. I can't wait to figure this out and feel better again. Thank you for your time and concern!!!