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My Chronic Migraine

First of, I can't believe how many people go through the same thing I'm going through. The thing I noticed though, a lot I've read seems to have gotten more meds than I do. I mean, I get really bad ones too and last me days with nausea too. Sometimes I kept throwing up or gagging that I would start having blood spots on my neck. When I showed my doctor she said I popped some veins from throwing up. But no one gave me meds for nausea until late last last year.

I started having migraines 15 years ago. I used to only get them twice a month. I didn't even take any strong meds. Just took over the counter meds. I was even so happy when they started coming out with Tylenol/Advil for migraines. But it only worked for a year or almost a year. Then all of a sudden I started getting them 4 times a month and it lasted about 2 days. It was so painful that sometimes I would punch my head or ask someone to punch it for me to get rid of the pain. I was given Imitrex and Vicodin which worked for awhile. I didn't even take the vicodin that much. When I researched about migraines I read that sometimes birth control pills can give you migraines. So I stopped my birth control pills. It did lessen my migraines but was still having them. So my doctor had me try Relpax. It did not work for me at all so I went back to Imitrex. Then after a few months, it started again to visit me more. Every year, my migraine attacks seems to increase. I started having them every week and last me 3 to 5 days.

I went to several doctors, some of them do not seem to believe that I'm in pain, even when I'm literally gagging in front of them because of nausea. One of them gave me vicodin and continued my imitrex. I was told that when it get severe, to take one of each at the same time. That really helped with the pain. After awhile, with having the migraines almost everyday, we realize it is because of stress and my monthly period. They had me try some anti-depressant meds which didn't work. I had a bad reaction to Cymbalta. So only took that once. The other anti-depressant meds I can't even remember the names maybe because I can't pronounce them. They also gave me Xanax which I did not take much, only when I am having anxiety attacks. Doctor's kept talking to me about trying more anti-depressant meds but I keep telling them that I am not depress so why should I take it. Plus, the ones I did not have a bad reaction to just made me feel like a zombie. I had a demanding job and a daughter so being a zombie-like is out of the question. At one point when they were discussing anti-depressant meds with me again, by this time I am starting to get depressed and really frustrated. I told them that I am not getting migraines because I'm depressed, I'm getting depressed because I keep getting migraines and nothing is helping. I also tried Topamax last year. I felt really good the first 2 days of taking it, not even sure if it's because of Topamax, but the third day, I was having a hard time getting out of bed. It was hard to drive to work and hard to take care of my daughter. By the fourth day, I could literally sleep standing up and started having suicidal thougths. I couldn't even concentrate at work. I even almost got into another accident. When I say another, it's because of the days I made myself go to work when I have my migraine because I did not want to miss any more days. It's hard to focus on driving. I stopped the Topamax and I was back to normal. Back to normal like getting migraines every week that last 3 to 5 days. My doctors and I figured, that it probably last so long because I still make myself go to work and do my normal routine instead of resting and let the migraine takes its course. Which is hard to do right? especially if you get it that much.

I finally found a migraine specialist who put me on disability. Without the stress from work, it helped. I don't get it every week anymore. I get them now when there's a weather change, around my period and when someone or something stresses me. It still last me a few days though. My husband had asked me to be a stay home Mom for awhile until my migraine goes away or until we figure out how to fix it. This is the reason why we moved here so we an afford for me to stay home. We used to live in California.

I think I saw at least 10 doctors already. A Neurologist, Internal Medicine, Family Practice, Migraine Specialist and even a Rheumatologist and now I am about to see a Pain Management/Headache Specialist next week. Meds I was given since my migraine started 15 years ago, Imitrex, Relpax, Vicodin, Maxalt, Propanolol, Xanax, Promethazine, Reglan, muscle relaxant and some anti-depressant meds. But right now, the only meds I am taking is Maxalt and Promethazine. These two alone does not work for me when I have a full blown migraine. I just moved here and have not yet established a doctor. So no one would give me vicodin or other painkiller. When I went to Urgent Care last month they just gave me two to take there and a shot for nausea. My migraine that time lasted 3 1/2 days so I just kept doubling up on Maxalt after that but it only helped for an hour. Then I have to take it again.

My biggest frustration besides having migraines are doctors who looks at you like you're faking it. They haven't even checked you, they just walked in the room they put you in and you're already judged. One time I was asked what I usually take or given when I get migraines. When I told her maxalt and vicodin she quickly said "we don't give vicodins here"....I told her okay just make the pain go away. I'm here coz it won't go away and I am in pain. First of all, SHE ASKED ME I did not ask her to give me vicodin. One doctor wondered why I drove myself if I have a migraine. C'mon Doc, not everyone has someone to take them at all hours of the day. My husband was at work and I could not reach him so since the clinic was only 5 minutes away and I couldn't take the pain anymore I drove myself. I would have taken myself to ER but it was farther and they would probably make me wait a lot longer.

That's why the doctors that are more sympathetic, caring and listens I cherish. Problem is, now I have to start all over again since we just moved here in this state. I am hoping the doctor I'm going to meet next week will be knowledgable, caring and sympathetic. Wish me luck!

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