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Re: bad headache 4 weeks after having sinus surgery and a septoplasty

Hi Jennie. Here's my story and it's quite similar to yours. Please let us know if your headache issue is resolved and what was done about it. I also wanted to add that on my last ENT followup, I told him about the headaches and he gave me Astepro which did nothing. I think he feels as if I am a hypochondriac!

I am a 47 y/o healthy male. I had septoplasty and several polyps removed in early December. My allergist originally saw a problem, ordered a CT and referred me to an ENT. I had no idea how messed up my sinus was. The surgery went fine. I had packing saturated with liquid cocaine and Afrin, which was removed in the recovery room and kept me up for 2 days. After about 2 weeks of healing I noticed headaches that would start later in the day and would be triggered by coughing, sneezing or any light straining. I ASSumed they would go away when I fully healed. It's been 3 1/2 months now and the headaches affect EVERYTHING I do. Now they are triggered early in the day by anything (cough, clear throat, etc...) We're talking SEVERE! I have NEVER had headaches before this surgery and now I wish I had my stuffy nose back! I saw my primary Thursday, then got an MRI right after. Now I am to see a Neuro doc on Tues, after a F/O ? my ENT. The neuro doc was fully booked for 3 wks, but after my doc called, he adjusted his sched...hmmm...
This is quite scary. Anyone with similar experiences? Any feedback would help. Words of CAUTION to anyone having their sinuses operated on: You are taking a chance, as with any surgery, but consider what has happened in my case as a warning. You may just be better off "bearing your cross"
Thanks for any feedback!

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