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Smile What i've learned about swine flu & recovery

May 2009 i worked in an international airport, heard about swine flu; didn't take it too seriously as i am in my mid 40's and not much panics me, tho i did get some garlic in as a precaution as i am allergic to antibiotics but discovered in the late 90' how well raw garlic works on infections in the body.

A vomiting bug went round at work which i caught, that passed & i returned to work. Then i started getting a bad chest, i struggled & in the end i went off sick; one night laying in my flat feeling dire i suddenly felt like i was in a sauna with the heat turning up, i couldn't breath, i felt confused & paniced trying desperatly to figure out what was wrong. Then i remembered the garlic. Now normaly with an infection i take 3 cloves three times a day for 7 days & it's gone but this time it took a bulb then the heavy feeling lifted then i could breath. I felt relieved but also in denial, had this just happened?
Then next night the heavyness returned so i took another bulb but this time nothing...pure panic hit me and a voice in my head said 'keep taking it til it stops', must have been my guardian angel cause a half bulb later it was fixed. Then for the next week as a precaution i took it for a week. When i tried to stop the garlic i couldn't breath so i got a lung xray expecting pnemonia, but my lungs were clear. I was in shock. Now because i work nights i decided to try vit d3 & bam a recovery. I returned to work but kept getting sick so in the end i would take 2 cloves of garlic daily when i woke, which made me stink but kept me a bit healthier. To cut a long story short i kept getting everything going til this Dec when swine flu2 hit, sick bug followed a week or so later with resperatory illness...then i read about swine flu 1918 and the adrenal gland autopsy results. Further research taught me that my lower back pain, frequent urination & never ending sickness was my adrenal glands in failure mode & vit d3 is a steroid which reboots the adrenal glands.
Lastly the adrenal glands hate cold (both the environment & any liquids u drink), sugar, salt, caffine (b4 swine flu2 i had been drinking more tea & eating tons of chocolate to boost energy levels). They love hot stews with barley, lentals, lots of protiens and plenty of brocolli, tomatos, carrots, cooked garlic in abundance. Any veg is good but barley, toms, brocolli & garlic should always be present.
Of all the herbs i've taken siberian ginseng has 4 me been the best as the viral load has disappeared from my body & finaly this week i've stopped taking raw garlic @ last tho i need liquorice root daily 4 antiviral protection working with the public, energy & as a balancer to my body as i am borderline diabetic til my adrenal glands are mended causing a severe water imbalance caused my hormone imbalance as the adrenal glands not working right. I am still very weak and need to sit a lot at work wheras i used to rush about like an athlete but i am slowly regaining my strength and doing more & more each week. I hope this helps someone out there, u have no idea what a relief it is to find ppl who are struggling post swine flu 2

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