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I just lost my mother Feb 19th, a week after my birthday. She had a stroke June 2009 and was not expected to live but survived a year in a half. Now I have no parents. I am jealous of my brother and sister because they still have their fathers. My father passed Jan 2009. I have an eight month old son that does brighten my spirits sometimes but I do feel lonely. I took care of my mother by myself while she was in the hospital and nursing home and I am mad because my family (my grandmother and aunt's) did not help me at all. My grandmother spent all of her time with other sick family members and after they passed she still made excuses and did not spend time with my mother. I just wonder if seeing her other family and me having help and support from them would have helped her live longer or even recover. The one thing that they did is complain about everything that they thought was wrong with the nursing home. Never once was I told that I did anything well. They did not even take into account that I had just took care of my father while he was in a nursing home months earlier. My parents were both young, in their fifties. And not having either of them is hard for me. I try to stay strong but it is not easy. I don't want anything to do with my mother's family. Is that wrong?

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