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At my wit's end. I need some help or addvice PLZ!

Hello everyone,
I am at my wit's end about a friend of mine. She has been addicated to hydrocodine since 2001. I met her this past Oct and we hit it off like we were two misouled sister's that just found each other. She had her mother coming over to bring her 17 year old daughter over to visit from Austin (which is her mother has custody but, my friend tells me it's because there was nowhere here that her daughter could get the work she needed for the type of dental work her daughter needed) Later on I found out thru talking to my friend that her OWN mother threathed to call CPS on her and actually did. But, she says her mother does not have actual custody of her. That my friend just signed a piece a paper to give her right's over for medical care for her daughter. But, yet her daughter refuses to come home and her mother at any chance she gets with anyone family, friends, strangers finds anyway to put my friend down. I have had MANY MANY talks with my friend about her addiction to hydros (she even goes so far is to pay them from another friend of her's. And, sometimes they are not hydro's they are hydromorphine's which IMO should be worse right?) But, she tells me she is going to detox herself at home. But, yet makes up excuses as to why she needs them. The start of her being on them in 2001 was because of a car accident. She hurt her back badly and since, then has had 2 back surgeries. When her mother come to bring her daughter her this past nov ... i busted my *** for 3 freaking weeks to get her house clean. Because, she says she can't do anything like that anymore because of her back. The house was a TOTAL PIGSTYE! And, that is taking it midly. I'm trying to not make a novel here so if i skip parts i'm sorry. Well, my friend is also my 15 year old son's best friends mother. Which makes this EVEN HARDER! The two of them are VERY close. She aslo found out that i am on antidepresenants, anixety meds, and a sleeping pill. Which for me all started when i lost my very first child back in 94. But, i have just recently found a dr to finally listen to me and help me. Hes my god sent. But, one day i had my pill case all filled out for the week. Just finished it actually and that night it came up missing. I can't tell you how many pills were in that unless i actually sat down to think about it. But A LOT. The ONLY people in my house that night was me, my husband my two boys and her and her son and daughter, it was over thanksgiving holidays. I confronted her about it and told her if she would just tell me the truth we can move on and nothing else would be said about it. That i was here to help her and be her rock. She denied taking them. Even went with me to her house and let me search her daughters room. Finally, about a month later she confesses to me that she took them. But, ONLY after I found MY OWN PILL case hidden in her bathroom cabinet. Becasue, i was still cleaning her house. I then told her if she ever did that to me again she would be out of my life PERIOD!!!! Everything was going great for 3 months. Then I found out i had to have MAJOR surgery. Hytercotomy, bladder tack-up and rectocele all at the sametime. She NEVER once came to the hospital to see me. Well, knowing my past with her when she did finally come to see me at home i soooo hide my hydros hell i even lied to her and told her the dr put me on torodal. So, she would not go looking. Well, about 2 weeks after my surgery she was helping me cook dinner and she took off into my room saying she went for my cigs. Well, she was gone awhile so i went in to check on her and i caught her red-handed stealing my anxiety meds. Knowing i need them. More so now that i just had major surgery. I had already told her if she betrayed me once more she was gone! And, i meant it. I kicked her out of my house that night. Which was a week ago. It's been killing me that she did that. I mean i know she is SICK! People with addications are sick. But, she was my ROCK also. So, what I am asking is do i just keep ignoring her and let her make her own mistakes (which she has made MANY that i have not even put on here) or do I atleast write her a note telling her i was there for her and i love her but, until she gets help on her own i can't be there for her. To me it's turning my back on her. She already has told many times over that she only has me to depend on. Oh and her 76 year old cancer neighbor who only lives on SSI and she just uses her left and right for money. And, then her 17 year old daugher's boyfriend (which they are broken up now but, he still wants her back so, he comes over when he can to check on her) I am just all confused here and not sure what direction to go in. Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you in advance,
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