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Re: Chronic Sinusitis - already had 3 sinus surgeries

I have no solution. I am here looking for answers just like you and wanted you to know there are others like you. I just turned 40 and had my second surgery last January for polyp removal and for constantly being sick. Antibiotics, steroids, ok for 3 weeks than sick again. Now, I am worse. I think so much of my sinus cavity has been carved out that I no longer have a normal mucus flow. It just sits up there and gets clogged.

I have been using NeilMed but I think its backflowing into my ears. I'm sick of being sick and am tired of the usual round of meds that are now useless and dangerous. I need to step up the allergy route. My doctor said I should be taking Singular and Alavert or something similar every day. Maybe that will help. Sigh.