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Re: At my wit's end. I need some help or addvice PLZ!

Originally Posted by oxygirl View Post
I am sorry for all of your betrayal by someone who you think is your best friend. However, she is probably adding to all the anxiety that u already have. If she doesn't get help, it is going to be more dangerous for your mental health to keep so much vested in this friendship. It sounds to me like she is good at using people to get what she wants.

I would never tell u to ditch ur friend, but be honest and ask yourself is she as much a friend to you as u are her? You will never ever be able to help someone get detox unless they absolutely want to do it. And even then it is still hard. Trust me I know. I am physically dependent on pain meds and it is the hardest thing to do trying to get off them. I really want to and it doesn't sound like she does. She will cheat lie and steal (as you already know) to pay for or provide for her habit.

You could try to have a talk to her or just sort of slowly ease her out of your life or at least not have constant contact. I had a friend like the one you are describing and when she finally moved out of state, I didn't realize how emotionally draining being her friend was. Again I am sorry and I usually don't voice my opinion quite so strong so please forgive me for that. I just hate to see you be used.
I thought i would get this same reaction. Because, unfortunatly it has ran thru my head SOOO many times and i just didnt want it to be true. I just wanted to send her a letter stating she is still loved and i didnt abondan her. I tried to help as much as i could. But, she wouldnt let me i guess. So, I guess now i just need to let her be and if i ever meant anything to her maybe one day she will come to me and let me know. It just really hurts!!!! Thank you again Oxygirl for you advice. Believe it or not it made me alittle bit stronger to keep on ignoring her. I hate it but, it needs to be done i guess. So, i should leave her alone and not even write her the letter then?


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