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Re: hypothyroid symptoms for years neg tsh,t3,t4

Glad I could help

Well, the guidelines for FNA is nodule 1.5cm or larger *but* it is wise to investigate a solitary nodule. Most people develop nodules on their thyroids and don't realize it until investigations "in the area" result in the discovery of them. And, please be comforted in knowing that most nodules are benign.

I had a FNA done on a 1.3cm nodule - the ENT applied a numbing agent - the actual procedure wasn't painful per se but it was uncomfortable mostly from a feeling of pressure.

If you want to be adequately treated for your hypothyroidism, you're going to need to work on your fear of needles. The patients with the most successful outcomes get regular labs (I actually go for labs every 4 weeks since I am trying to "nip things in the bud" in, "catch" any changes in my thyroid hormone levels and adjust my meds doses before I develop symptoms.....I do this because it takes so long for symptoms to dissipate after dose adjustments and quality of life is VERY important to me).

Please let us know how things go.
Dx'd Graves' June 2007..used ATD's, achieved remission Nov '09....went hypo Mar '10

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