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Re: Stryker Triathalon

Originally Posted by jrlorenzo View Post
In March of 2010 my doctor did a total knee replacement using the Stryker Triathalon. Since the surgery date, I have had nothing but problems with the knee replacement. The pain is still there, the knee is loose (moves from right to left and back), it is unstable when ascending/decending steps, the brusing from the original surgery is still there and the swelling is still there a year later. There is a lot of noise assocated with the knee, clanging and banging when ever I move around. Does anyone know if the triathalon is on the recall list?
I had the same knee replacement done in July 2009 and same problems. I am 57 amd was back to see Ortho dr today. Was told my knee cap is moving around alot. I was given RX for knee brace to keep the knee cap in place. Have alot of pain since the knee replacement. I also have alot of stiffness and very swollen. Am waiting for a bone scan and alot of blood work to be done. Was back to see Ortho dr last April and back then it was warm to touch and they claim they found nothing. Range of motion is horrible and need other knee replaced. Please respond. Remi