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Re: I got married too young. Long post but I really need help.

You are doing a lot of good things, making a lot of excellent decisions.

I only see one negative in your latest story because I'm not sure I believe it.
Relationships ebb and flow. You got married so very young that you had already gone through many marriage phases before others were even hardly dating. So to accept being married in a friendship marriage may not be the case at all.

Can I suggest you decide instead that during your marriage you will experience every possible phase of a relationship more than once. And right now that phase is friendship. But leave yourself open to the fact that you could be in an ebb stage that could suddenly begin to flow again. Since you are moving forward, leave yourself open to the possibility of having a strong marriage that might surprise you.

Who knows. This window of friendship may end up making the next phase better than it ever would have been without this time.

Good luck. And start believing the nice things people are telling you about yourself. Honestly, people don't just dole out compliments just to fill air. They are seeing things real and letting you know. Try to learn to accept their kindness as truth.