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Re: My Chronic Migraine

I am sorry to hear about the bad experiences you had with various doctors! I am sure that is so frustrating. I asked around lots of people I know before I saw my neurologist and luckily, I like them and they seem pretty understanding. I'm still working on finding the right medications though. I think some people don't take it seriously if they don't go through it themselves. They might just think it's a regular headache and we're making a big deal over it. I try to explain that I literally can't do anything... once I even wanted to call for help and could not manage to make a basic phone call. Another time I remember getting a migraine before a final exam and attempting to study... hours went by and I managed to get my textbook and set it in front of me (which took me hours), and I don't remember anything else! It definitely interferes with your life and I feel for all of you!!

I used to take advil and excedrin migraine, but my doctor told me I need to stop taking it every day like I was, because it was giving me rebound migraines and headaches. I didn't realize that! Now I just take it a couple of times a week like he told me.

I am the opposite with the birth control pill... it helps me TREMENDOUSLY, so I will not go off of it. I started getting the migraines after I had already been on the pill for a few years, so I didn't think it was that (plus, it runs in my family and even my brother, who obviously doesnt take the pill, gets them). Anyway, my worst migraines are during that time of the month, so I use the pill to skip it every other month. I can't skip it more than that or it completely throws my body off and I still get the migraine somehow. The pill can either help or make it worse!

I was fortunate enough to identify a lot of my triggers, but stress like you mentioned, can never be eliminated 100%. I haven't had a bite of chocolate in years, because it's a trigger for me. Wine as well. Luckily cheese does not seem to bother me, and caffeine helps me as long as the amounts are reasonable.

There are sooo many different medications out there, and unfortunately some of us just have to try just about every pill out there! I just got some samples of Frova, which I haven't heard too much about. Maxalt MLT works for me if I take it at the start of the migraine, but just one won't do the trick. I have to wait the hour per the instructions, take it again... and you can only take 3 a day. Most people I know that tried Imitrex said it only helped a little or not that much at all.

I hope your next doctor visit goes well! Let us know!