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Question undiagnosed vertigo

Okay, here goes.
They keep saying is the room spinning or are you spinning. I can't describe the feeling. Neither is spinning. I feel off balance. I describe it as mu brain floating on liquid jello. I get dizzy when driving. I am fine laying down, but I can't spend the rest of my life laying down. I start off okay, but the longer I am up moving around, the worse it gets. Sitting is better that standing, but still get a little 'woozy'. At times it is so bad it almost feels like a vibration in my head. Lighting in stores seem to make it worse and lots of noise. Almost like a sensory overload. I am also having trouble thinking clearly.The worse my dizziness gets the worse my head hurts. I have taken migraine meds just to make it stop hurting, though I doubt it is migraine. I have to use a cane or walker to get around for fear of falling. I have been out of work since this started.

About 6 weeks ago I woke up with vertigo. I started out with pneumonia and when I started feeling better I woke up with vertigo. I have and blood work, normal. I have had a ct scan of my head, normal. I had IV fluids. I was given blood pressure meds, which dropped my blood pressure down to 102/69, stopped those. I have had an mri of my head and neck, 'normal'. I had the 2 hour vestibular testing, normal My doctors are at a loss and I am frustrated and beyond depressed since no one can seem to find out what is causing my vertigo.

I hope someone else can help. Maybe has the same symptoms.????

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