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Re: TSH range source, and a few questions

I don't have a range for the t4, but would assume it's the normal range? It's mostly that the low tsh ALONG with a low t4 seems more like a pituitary problem than thyroid. The 3.34 tsh was back in early December, so it's almost exactly 3 months before the date of this test. It does seem like a big drop, but it was high when the primary symptoms seemed hyperthyroid, and low when it now seems more like hypothyroid, which also seems to point more to a pituitary issue, right? If it were thyroid based, wouldn't TSH and T4 run opposite each other? (other issues that might affect this are going of combined oral birth control between the two tests, and that the first (high tsh) test was at 8:30 in the morning, while the second (lower tsh) was at noon. If not being on estrogen based bcps lowers tsh some, and tsh drops over the course of the day, that might explain some fair amount of the change.

TPOab was the only antibody test that was run, but it came back at 1, which is far below any reference range. Most sources I've seen give a 95% sensitivity for TPO antibodies and Hashimotos, which means 5% of people would test negative while still having the disease. So, statistically someone with hashimoto's is more likely to get a negative TPO antibody test than for someone in the general population to have a pituitary tumor? I don't know....
I sort of feel like once I start arguing that I might be in all these uncommon categories (hypothyroid with a TSH in the low end of the normal range, with hashimoto's despite having a negative antibody test) I just start to look more and more like a hypochondriac who's going to ignore any lab results I get and less like someone who's actually sick.