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Re: Question about doctors and pain meds

Hi Caribear!
Well, this will be long, but that's just me....
I was raised on more natural remedies... So I've never been one to take any medicine unless I needed it. All my life I'd wait until a headache was bad before taking something. Even then, most over the counter meds never did anything for me. So then, why bother taking it at all lol So, I quit taking anything at all.
When it comes to pain killers, no you don't want to rely on them. You don't want to take them all the time. But, if you want to be able to enjoy life or atleast make days easier to tolerate, they are a blessing.
When the Fibro really kicked in, I wouldn't take Tramadol until it was bad... Well with that stuff you have to wait 2 hours for it to do anything... I've taken Percs & to me one is the same as 2 Tramadol, but it helps allot quicker!
You just have to learn when to take them & not just take them because you want them... I have my days where I hurt, but I can tolerate it. There are days when I hurt so bad I don't want to move off the couch (sound familiar?) On those days, I take Tramadol. Does it get rid of the pain? I wish! But it does allow me to get up, make dinner & actually feel somewhat human.
So, I say go for it! Don't worry about what anyone thinks, you have to deal with it, not them.
There is also the more natural remedies.... Trust me, I've wanted to give it a shot! It's just not me, maybe one day though...
My Rhumetologist won't give me anything except Tramadol. Percs are good but I wonder if they are a good thing to start out on. I heard we get used to the meds & end up wanting something stronger... I think Vicodin would be best... What do others think? I'd love to hear everyones opinions
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