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Re: Question about doctors and pain meds

First, taking a pain med is not going to make you an addict unless you take several everyday for months, so you don't have to be afraid of asking for help when you need it. I have been on vicodin since 2006 when I injured my spine (ruptured every disc in my neck in 2008 so I understand torticollis well as my head was stuck to the side for four months) and only had to increase my dosage once for a few months while my head was stuck and once that subsided I went back to my normal dose (5/500mg). I also get migraines and will use the pain med then if I don't get to the imitrex in time to prevent the bad pain.
Go to either doctor both should be willing to help you get the relief you need. My former rheumatologist did not offer any type of pain med (unless you count antidepressants which I do not as they do nothing but make me feel awful) which is one reason why she is a former and not current doc. My primary offers me pain meds but my pain (from neck, lupus, migraines) is well documented and I don't ask for a lot of them. For some reason I take a lot more during the warmer months than during winter (not sure why as my activity level is similar but I do skate inside during the winter) because my pain is much worse in my neck and head. Maybe someday we will figure that one out. Basically, keep your pain documented and one of the doctors should be willing to help you. The other option is a pain management clinic.

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