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Re: is this sign of autism

first i move from the place where iam leaving before still waiting for services in new city since the old city dervice cant make any dignosis,
my son is 23 month old he is very active
- he use some words ,like happy and ama , aba and use alot of his own language he want to talk on phone in his own language
- he understand simple sentenses like go to washroom, sit down , stand up give this to mama .etc and he understands gesture easly , but also understand simple sentences he will point his body parts almost 6 parts
-he also know some signs such as help, eat
- he do respond to his name but some time need 2 to 3 calls especially when he is busy
- he did show things to us . he also recognize certain pictures in book some time ,he is wrong but he did point
- he is very loving he did kiss me and happy
- he had maintain good eye contect we me but some time when he is angrey on me he will go in corners and avoid eye contect .
-when ever he need any thing he cries and come to me and if i ask him u need this. he will started to laugh , he will also demand that he want to watch cartoons he know various cartoon character name and if i ask any thing during show like where is elephant he will go and show me this is elephant ,some time he do point right some time wrong
- he sing with me various poems and also do there action with me .love to read books
- when he was 15 month old he was doing hand flapping and toe walking but know this is improved alot, some time he still do flapping but for seconds .
- since birth he had feeding isues but now this improved alot, he ate rice and soft solid food easly ,
- regarding social he is very social and talkative with adults, ***he cant imitate words(he can imitate those words who he already know) but if i use new word he open his mouth but nothing comes out and then he frustrated.***but he can imitate actions easly , with children he is not much social but he play with them (means he like to play in kids area with kids , but he played his own games)
-he copy every thing, imitate alot some time try to talk with them in his own words
-i find his tongue is tie infact his tongue in not moving laterally and he not able to clean food from roof of his palate , and membren is short and thick but still he can move his out and little bit of upward movement (but not other movements ).
- some time during watching cartoon he would move his head down and try to see them inverted and he is bit organize but also spreading things some time and he like to touch soft and smooth things like he love to hide his head in pillow and like to touch smooth walls
-very clever when i open my laptop .he came and close it if i say i am going to open cartoon for you he will open it again and came in my lap and watch cartoons ,
-he do point to door if i say where is baba means he know baba was outside
-i am only worrid his vocablary is keep growing but his speaking skill is stuck to 5 words since 3 months , and although he point alot but he can,t point to the thing he want and if ask get this get this he know and he do that means he know t he use and name of things but know how ask from me
-his mouth is very sensitive to cold and warm if i gave him icecream he had gag imidiatly ,and had habbit to chew cloth some time
-these r the improvemts he had since 6 month , not even sure what is problem is the milestone are ok with his age