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Re: First Rheumatologist appointment: what should I expect/ask?

I also forgot to mentioned that I also have constant neck pain. The degree of all my pain varies from day to day and is on both sides of my body.
Also, I've tried OC pain meds (with the exception of naproxen as I have a bad reaction -maybe allergy- to it), soaking in warm/hot water, various pillows, as well as stretches and exercises and nothing has really helped. Bengay helps some of the shoulder pain on occasion but wears off after about an hour.
My GP gave me a prescription to help me sleep and alleviate some of the pain while in the meantime of waiting on a diagnosis but it hasn't helped either.

Please feel free to share your thoughts on the possibility of fibro or anything else you think it might be. My plea for help is not limited to what to ask at the rheum appointment.

p.S. The word "teat" was suppose to be "tests".

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