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Smile Re: First Rheumatologist appointment: what should I expect/ask?

Thanks for letting me know. My appointment went well. The rheumatologist was very thorough. He examined all my joints and ask a lot of questions. He spent extra time on my shoulders and neck, which i was thankful for since that is where the worst pain is. (My gen prac was more concerned about my finger joints even though that pain is a lot less than the shoulder psin).He was also open to any questions I had, though I didn't have very many as he did a great job explaining everything. His conclusion was that I don't have RA. I ask him about fibro and he said I don't have that either and explained why. He doesn't think I have a chronic pain condition, just chronic pain. He had x-rays done on my shoulders and neck and also had more labs done (quite a few, I had 8 finger length vials of blood drawn). The x-rays and labs were done to rule out any possible conditions or other things that could be causing my pain. I also liked that he explained that they consider medicine only a means to an end and prefer other methods of pain management. He gave me a muscle relaxer to take temporarily so I could sleep, which worked. Finally something did. He ask me if I was interested in physical therapy and recommended it. I have a PT appointment on Friday. I also have a follow up with the rheumatolgist in two weeks.
While I still don't exactly gave answers to why I have pain, I know for sure it's nit the two things I was worried about, and will hopefully have some other answers as to what it isn't very soon.
Since I don't have fibro or arthritis, it looks like the chronic pain board may be the most appropriate board for me after all.