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Re: Help!!My boyfriend doesn't like anal sex!

This is clearly an issue of compatibility. You like anal sex and rough sex, he doesn't at least that's your assumption. The anus is not ideally suited for sexual use and it's easier to transmit the STD's/STI's via the anal route. It's even possible to develope non infectious hepatitis, IBS/IBD and other autosomal diseases with anal sex. If the male doesn't use a condom, he could easily contract uririnary infections or worse, a prostate infection which is notoriously hard to treat.
This relationship is doomed from the beginning if you can't at least communicate your desires and needs to him out of fear of spoiling it. You need to talk to him about this and you both need to respect each others point of view. You shouldn't accept a sex life with a partner that doesn't want to do what you like nor should he accept and do what he doesn't like. It's all about preferances and expectations and you both need to talk about it and find out early if there is some basis on which you can build a sexual relationship that allows both of you to be happy. Open your mouth before opening your legs.

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