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low grade fever for 18 days in 10yr old

My son is 10, nearly 11 and he has had a low grade fever ranging from 99.3 to 100.7. There is no pattern to the fever. It does not increase as the day goes on. It started with him vommitting and then running a fever. After 4 days I took him to the doc and they said virus. At day 10 we did an antibiotic. The doc was still thinking virus. At day 13 labs were drawn and everything came back OK. White count was 9000, thyroid OK, No Flu, No Mono, No Strep.

We are now at day 18. He has another appointment tomorrow, but I have no idea what they can do at this point. I just don't feel like "riding it out" It seems so innactvie, not proactive.

He has no other consistent symptoms. Sometimes his belly hurts, not always, and not in any food related pattern. He is still hungry, no diarreah, no cough, sore throat...nothing. When asked, he says he feels miserable and not so good, and yucky. He is tired, but not sleeping constantly.

Does this point to anything? How long should I let the fever keep going? THere were a few days that we thought he was feeling better. Fever was gone, and he went to school. When he comes home the fever is back at 100 again. He has missed 10 days fo school. I don't want to panic, but I feel like I need to know what is going on with my boy.

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