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just diagnosed with FNH

Hi, I'm a 32 year old female and I was just diagnosed with FNH last month. I have had abdominal pains, fatigue and dizziness for several months now and the past year or so I've had trouble with not having a period (which has it's advantages for sure) pain under the right rib and all the way down to the appendix area, sometimes around the back and sometimes in the shoulder too. The past month I've had the pain travel under the left rib too. I also have a lot of problems with bloating and constipation. The past 2 months the pain has increased in all of those areas and I have also had nausea very often and fatigue so much that I can't do much these days---really frustrating! I've learned from reading several medical journals and studying FNH online that a lot of people have symptoms even though FNH is generally thought not to cause any symptoms. My doctors keep telling me that all of my symptoms don't have anything to do with FNH but I think they do, especially after all of the research I've done! I've also had all the tests and scans (blood work, HIDAscan, colonoscopy, endoscopy etc and they can't find anything unusual besides the FNH.)
I'm glad I found this forum thread and I'm very anxious to hear anymore feedback from any of you and lend support in anyway that I can.

Nice to meet you all!


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