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nodule in my lung?can someone explain this to me?

what is the difference of a petscan and a bone scan spect ?..on june 2010.. i had a ct cta chest,pulmonary angiogram..results as followed no blood clot in lungs, a small noncalcified 3-4 nodule in the right upper lobe of the lung.. 2006 didnt have this... sept 2010.. bone scan and a bone spect.. results was as followed..increrased activity at the right scapula,and at the right rib 9th rib.. dilated calyx on hte right.. my back dr ordered these before he was going to treat me for my back and legs... family dr sent me to a pulmonarist and she was more worried abt me havign hyper pulmonary in my right side of my heart.. today i go to my heart dr that did a heart cath and he says they should of already cheacked out my lungs first.. i do have a 7 yr old pacemaker due to high heart rate then heart stopped.. when i excert my self like walkin g, showering, house work i get hurting bad in my chest shortnes of breath and dizzy and nasated... on all the meds u can think of.. all i want is my life back... can anyone a nurse etc tell me whats going on.. the heart and lung dr is senting me back and forth.. and now its worse this yr then ever>> thank you..

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