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What to do when your doctor and insurance company don't trust or respect you!?!

I'll try to keep this as short as possible. Just some quick background on my situation. I shattered my L5/S1 disc at work 13 years ago and have been dealing with Worker's Comp insurance since then. I have had 3 major back surgeries and am left with Failed Back Syndrome with severe back and leg pain levels (usually 8/10) even when using pain meds & a spinal cord stim device.

Things are much tougher when you don't feel like your doctor cares!
I had to change doctor's two years ago when my last doctor suddenly quit his practice and left his patients on their own with little warning.

It was extremely hard for me to find a doctor that would accept a new Worker's Comp patient who only had Medicare as a second insurance. I must have been turned down 20 times before finding this doctor.

Unfortunately I don't feel he cares about my health in the slightest bit. I've only seen him once and then he passed me off to an assistant who speaks with him in his private office, then returns to write my prescriptions.

He only lets me schedule an appointment every 3 months. The assistant will ask me the same questions every time. I usually tell her I'm in terrible pain even with the meds and ask if there is something else we can try. Not necessarily higher doses, but maybe something different. She leaves to talk to the MD, returns and says "Sorry, he wants to keep everything the same"... Even though it's NOT working!

My prior doctor would at least try some new meds or change things up. He would always see me in person and ask me questions while actually LISTENING to me. Just this alone made me feel better after walking out of his office. Even if nothing changed. I still felt like I was being heard.

From bad to worse
My worker's comp insurance is so terrible they actually tried to accuse me of being a drug dealer! They wrote a 20 page letter to my doctor explaining that if I am requesting brand name pain meds I am surely doing this "to increase their street value"!

Neither the doctor or Travelers would issue me a copy of the letter, but I just walked up and asked the receptionist for a copy which she provided.
What I read was appalling and made me extremely angry!

I have been on pain meds for over 12 years and have never once given them a reason to judge me like this. I never lost a script or even filled a single prescription early. On occasion I even told the doctor to REDUCE my pain meds because they weren't working.

If this doctor would have just read my past doctor's notes he would see that I have tried the generic for Percocet and Duragesic and they both made me more nauseated.

After this secret letter to my doctor and I feel not only like my pain concerns are being ignored, but now I am being treated like a drug abuser!
In fact he wouldn't even let me leave the office until I gave them a urine test (which he's charging me for also).

I am so disgusted by this doctor, but I don't seem to have any other options.

Has anyone else experienced something like this? Was I just lucky with my original doctor?

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