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Re: Emotional Ride

Hi Opiatesgotme... im 'Second Go' (came on the board when i was trying to quit a second time--- 71 days clean now) ...I was where you are about 1 year ago... cold turkey detoxed from oxys, and yeah its definitely emotional...(congrats on your 23 days! btw) but yeah...yelling at ur partner, friends, or kids, then apologizing, getting emotional and yes, even crying over thoughts, they can be positive or negative thoughts, its just that everything is so amplified because our senses are beginning to work again, so they seem to be working in overdrive. you might be walking driving somewhwere and burst out in tears thinking of the wasted time, and people uve hurt, then seconds later be alright, or angry with something else.

'Emotional ride' is right ...i called mine a 'rollercoaster' i would say i went through that stage for about a month, then with vitamin supplements (very important because our diet used to be pills, we gotta replace our nutrients) and excercise (heart and muscles arent working as hard when we're laid out chillin on pills) it starts to get better.

my mistake was relapsing for a short period of time (6 months) then cleaning up again...very hard.. be careful, and refrain (you sound like your definitely done with them tho so good on ya). And that takes strength not to take the suboxone (i know i would have went for it, but i didnt want to see any doctors)

nuff bout me...just trying to relate on a level... you sound like you know what you want, youre focused on staying clean thats key!... we're starting to get a strong team goin here!!, lotta really cool and strong people to talk to, I always say to people 'you found the right board' when they sign up, cause you did. Were all on a similar path, and we know more than say our 'friends' or 'family' knows...frustrating talking with someone who hasnt been through our struggles sometimes hey? theyre like 'just quit whats your problem...sulking to yourself all the time'. uhhhh it doesnt work like that! haha.

welcome and keep posting, there are a lot of new people on here, Im relatively new too, joined in January, but feels like i been on a long journey since. But i couldnt have quit without the help of this board. I'd send shoutouts but then id miss someone....all of them will reply anyways so, shout out to 'them' haha. stay strong and keep posting... I had 17 or so pages of journaling before i finally quit, so talking and talking and talking is encouraged here!!!!!!!

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