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Re: Emotional Ride

Yep, welcome to the boards Opiatesgotme... what's up secondgo? lol you got to her first again, saving me lot's of typing! lol

You and I were taking the same amount and sound exactlyyyyyyy alike. We are both also clean for relatively the same time, about 18 or so days for me... but each day I feel better and better I can't begin to explain how much emotions have flooded my head both good and bad and still do every day.

You seem very determined and strong you can do this. It's actually scary how similar our stories are... I have become friendly with some of the people you will be hearing from on here and they are the ones who got me through what I am going through and still are today. These boards have helped me tremendously just speaking with these people and knowing I am not alone helped... not to mention the fact it keeps me occupied in my down time and keeps my mind from wandering. We all have very long threads on these boards of our own personal stories and journeys getting through the addiction.

I suggest reading through some, they hold a wealth of information that would be helpful and useful to you and it will keep you occupied =) just keep talking with us and stay strong.