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Re: Emotional Ride

Originally Posted by Biggzzz View Post
well, like I said we sound very much alike, I hate "feelings" my ex fiancee and previous women in my life even family say I am cold at times, distant and don't care about ANYTHING... is it possible that YOU like I have underlying issues like anxiety/depression? I may even be bi-polar it runs on my dads side of the fam and HE is MANIC.
It is absolutely possible that I have anxiety/ depression but I am not willing to let someone diagnos me until I am through this emotional roller coaster. I know the way I feel now is directly related to my drug addiction. So I am hoping that these overwhelming feelings will get easier over time and I will see that I am not depressed or anxious I am an addict and if I deal with my addiction and begin to recover from my disease I will feel better.

You guys rock! Loving the feedback. It is true that my family and friends don't get this addiction. It is so awesome to hear from people who do get it. Thank you so much...