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Re: Emotional Ride

I am with you opiates! I am tapering down off a less amount of oxycodone than you were on. I am aiming for Tuesday for stopping. I will have time off from work then and I can not affford to be sick and in withdrawals when I have to go back to work. So I will be tapering till Tuesday and then I will stop. If you have seen my past posts, I am having major issues with stopping and days 1 and 2 this time around. If I can get over the hump of a few days clean, I start to feel better.

What I am here to say is that I also have major depression and anxiety and I beleive it is tied to the opiates. I refuse to go on any meds until I am completely clean and can assess how I feel then. Everytime I have been opiate free I have always felt better so I do not want to add any more chemicals to my brain. I can not wait till I have 23 days clean again like you. You are doing great. I know we are all different, but if I can add any hope, I have ALWAYS thrived after being opiate free for a while. That depression and anxiety I have always went away. So please keep hanging on and allow yourself to feel. I have done alot of different things this time in order to aid in my recovery when the day comes. I have cut out all other drugs, even though I have never had an addiction to what I was taking. I have started on a multi vitamin regime for the past week. I am adding fluids and I am making sure I am eating better. I will start light exercise tommorow. I am hoping this will ease the withdrawal symptoms next week when I bite the bullet.

Keep fighting!!