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Re: Emotional Ride

Thanks Second. I will be posting. This is not my first time at the rodeo. I just need to get to day 3 and I start to heal. The biggest issues I have with withdrawals are the anxiety, the restlessness, and the worst... the insomnia. This is brutal to me. Once I fall asleep, I wake up wth intense adrenaline rushes with terror. I hate it. I will use the ambien for that. Physically, I can deal with being sick and running back and forth to the toity but the no sleep and the feeling the clock is moving backwards is awful to me.

I do not get drug dreams like many of you do, but I know that is a common thing. I just have bizzarre snippets of unreality when I sleep for the 5 or so minutes that I do. As I said, I am preparing my body for this and I just hope it will help somewhat.

The one thing I am totally against is counting days. That sets one up for failure. If you should relapse, you have it in your head that you have to start all over and that makes it much worse. One time I had to have some minor surgery that required pain meds. I had been clean for awhile and I took them dilligently an resposnibly. I did not feel I failed and once I was done, I carried on.

I am also lucky I do not get tempted. I do not recommend this but when I was clean for 6 months back in 2007, I had a whole bottle of percocet in my drawer. I never thought once of taking them. Yes I threw them out, but I did not. I had oral surgery during that period and refused all pain meds. I made do just fine with Ibuproen, and never once thought of taking the percocet.