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Re: What to do when your doctor and insurance company don't trust or respect you!?!


I'm really sorry you're going through what you are. I couldn't imagine my mother's situation being much worse in the past (re: Worker's Comp), but... yours has it beat. May I ask what state you live in? It all sounds so wrong to me.

Yes, I truly believe you were extremely lucky with your first doctor. And lucky to have had only one in 12 years? Did I understand that correctly?

I can't imagine having to have a secondary insurance (Medicare or otherwise) to see a WC Dr. It's been really tough finding mom a Dr. who would take WC at all, when she has been basically medication only for 10 years. She has been treated by a total of 8-10 WC doctors since her injury in '96. One Dr. was 300 miles from where we live - and we are 90 miles out of Houston, TX. But if she had to have another insurance to back it up? Hmmm.

The laws must be really different where we live.