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Re: Emotional Ride

Welcome aboard Opiatesgotme (OPGM). I am oxygirl and the name says it all! lol.... I am 42 years old and was put on percocet for chronic pain at 38 or so. Then I moved up to roxicodone 30s and that is where the trouble all seems to have begun. I started to get really physically dependent on them. My body will signal time for a pill before the pain that I was given them for does. This is a great place to be. Sometimes I get long winded on here so I will try to keep this short. I am sort of like Musicman and tapering off of a prescribed dose. I was taking 120mg a day and am down to 90. I should be a little further down but I have had some things in my life lately driving me crazy so at this point I am glad I just haven't went back up to the 120mg. I don't get tempted really. I have a whole bottle I can sit and look at all day. My problem is the physical withdrawls drive me nuts. When I first ran out of meds I thought I was gonna die. I finally realized it was wd's and it freaked me out. I have an exhusband who is a major addict and I have always fought against any drugs ever since i was 20 and first met him. Imagine my surprise when I realized that I, mother of 3, minivan carpool queen, soccer mom, church goer, cheerleading other words Carol Brady, was addicted to pain pills. What I am trying to say is it is easy to become addicted to drugs. So my story is....I am on a slow taper. I so admire all of you who have them out of your system. I am such a chicken. I have really bad arthritis and I hate pain. So it is like pain on top of pain for me. I have had one knee surgery and need another within this year.

It appears that you are at least over the physical hump. Getting them out of your system is harder and harder every time you relapse. (I have heen told this by many people). I know that emotional ups and down follow after the physical part is over with. I understand u not wanting to put anything else in your system also. How is your home support system? Do you have kids, a job? You said you have a partner. Is it a steady relationship? All of these things are going to factor into your recovery and your continued success. I wish you all the luck and you sound like a very strong person. This board is a great place as we are all in the same boat.