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Re: Home Doesn't Feel Like Home

hi. I want you to know that you are heard and that I truly care for what you are going through. Your Mom is going through something of her own right now and doesnt know how to be open and honest with you. I dont know either of you yet I dont believe that what she is telling you is the "only thing" she feels. First, she loves you probably more right now than she ever has. She sees you growing into a woman and wants you to feel the beauty that intimacy can bring and not the regret. She is not intending to hurt you or drive you away and yet her part of looking out for you was just completely dismantled and she is in a spiral she cant seem to get out of. As a Mom, when you are duped and your child is the one that has been in the pathway-rage seems pretty natural. I dont agree with her shutting you out because what you two need right now more than ever is to cry and scream and evolve through this together. To you it seems like "your body, your choice" to your Mother it is " my child, my dearest world". I wish I had something brilliant to tell you that will open the communication between the two of you, I will be praying for you and I hope that you and your Mom can find forgiveness and a deeper bond because you have made it through this together. My heart is with you-shannon

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