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Smile Introduction

I am new to the forum although I’ve visited several times while researching my condition.

I believe I’ve been suffering from a thyroid disorder for about 20 years (since my sophomore year in high school). I had a nodule/goiter that I thought was normal (a part of my Adams apple….a little large for a girl, but oh well). A few years ago I had it tested…it didn’t seem cancerous and my thyroid levels were normal, but they left it alone.

Fast forward to now…I’ve been suffering from an extremely rapid heart rate…chest pains….migraines and several other issues.
I had a couple of ultrasounds and biopsies…my thyroid levels are normal, but now they want to take the entire thing out….that brings us to this month…they decided to do a sub total thyroidectomy. The surgeon wanted to leave part of my thyroid to see if I could produce hormone on my own. That was two weeks ago. At my follow up visit he told me that they found “Papillary thyroid carcinoma, follicular variant, with multiple foci of capsular invasion”.

My usual sharp as a tack brain has turned to mush and I feel like I’ve been kicked in the teeth. I’d have preferred them to take the entire thing out and am now hoping I don’t have to have another surgery as I’m not having a good time getting over this one.

I meet with an oncologist to discuss RAI. Another issue that is worrying me since I have two small children under 7 that I don’t want to put in danger. I am hoping they let me spend this time in the hospital.

Also the section they sent for a second opinion was 4.5 cm and 100% cancer. I read on another forum someone telling someone that this wasn’t possible. Well I had at carcinoma of at least that size inside of a goiter.

I’m not sure what questions I have other than what is a “papillary thyroid carcinoma follicular variant” Is that papillary or follicular”?

I welcome any advice.

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