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Re: What to do when your doctor and insurance company don't trust or respect you!?!

Originally Posted by LadyAmanda View Post
Thanks for the thought - and my mom is doing good now. Has a great doc and the WC is probably as good as is gets, here anyway.

The real reason I joined this forum when I did is actually related to my own chronic pain issues. I had a cervical fusion about 10 years ago for bad headaches - it took 3 years of many tests and doctors. But after a discogram, I was in surgery within 2 months. And it was VERY successful. I would do it again tomorrow.

BUT... Now I am having lower back pain. Cannot be on my feet for more than 15 minutes or so at once. Sitting down relieves almost all the pain - but is not conducive to living. Am currently on, based on what I have read in these forums, some of the strongest medication I can take, with almost no real relief to my back pain. But I am SO freaking scared to consider surgery.

Not that it's been really talked about though. My doctor seems reluctant to push surgery. Yet I know I can't take these meds forever. But all I keep reading about in my research regards SO many failed lower back surgeries. Multiple surgeries, and back on the same meds - IF they are lucky.

Anyway, thanks for the reply. And to anyone who reads this - I wish you ANY relief from your own pain, and a long, refreshing rest tonight. Lord knows I know that's hard to come by.

Sorry to hear about your own personal pain.

The fact that your neck surgery went so well is probably a good sign if you do choose to go the same route for your back pain, but as someone who has been through 3 major back surgeries (and 2 minor) without any relief - I would highly recommend exhausting every other option before deciding on that.

Have you tried something like a professional grade back brace? If sitting down takes away a majority of your pain it's possible a brace could do something for you.

Like you, I am also on high doses of pain meds which do very little to relieve my pain. Over the last few years I have been stuck laying in bed 95% of the time and it's not ideal.

Another option might be a Spinal Cord Stimulator (SCS). Compared to a spinal surgery this is much, MUCH easier to go through and even just the "test run" would let you know if it's worth having done.

Unfortunately for me the 3 major back surgeries have created what surgeons like to refer to as a "disaster area of scar tissue" so the SCS doesn't get through to my back pain as much as it should. It does help, to some degree, for my leg pain though. Enough to the point where I can't go very long with it turned off before my leg pain gets intolerable.

I hope you have more options than I do and find some relief in your pain.

Good luck!