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Re: How to find a doctor willing to address my pain?

Originally Posted by feelbad View Post
really sorry for the situation you are being forced into. but i am just wondering exactly what came up 'abnormal' upon the MRI and also that EMG/NCV you had, and what WAS actually tested with those two tests(body areas)? and where exactly was the biopsy taken and what was the ultimate pathology of it, as in it too being 'abnormal'? the more specific info you can give the better advice WE can give you. specific "conditions" simply require more specific pain treatment. Marcia
MRI was done at age 17, showed a few high intensity areas that were interpreted as white matter lesions. LP showed no oligoclonal bands (spelling?,) so the neurologist didn't think that it was MS. On the neurological exam following the MRI he noted some muscle weakness, particularly in the ocular muscles, and referred me to a neuromuscular specialist. Single fiber emg of the frontalis suggested a neuromuscular junction transmission problem, but I didn't really respond to myasthenia gravis medication. Muscle biopsy was taken from the bicep to look for signs of a mitochondrial disease. No ragged red, cox- fibers etc, but it did show type I/type II fiber grouping, and angular atrophic fibers, indicative of neurogenic atrophy.

I don't know how related any of those would really be to pain. I more meant to say that I have enough positive medical tests that I can demonstrate that a.) i'm not trying to scam for meds and b.) it's not a psychosomatic problem.

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