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Vestibular Migraine

Hi all,

I have recently been diagnosed with 'Vestibular Migraine' which is a type of migraine which affects my balance system. I've had this condition since August 2010 (8 Months now) and it's been very debilitating. My main symptoms have been Constant dizziness, unbalanced and Nauseousness.
I've never really suffered from severe Migraines in the past, but I do get headaches almost on a weekly basis (panadol usually did the trick)

After 6 months of trying to find out what was wrong with me, a Neurologist finally diagnosed me with this condition. He first started me off on Sandomigraine. When it wasn't doing much, he asked me to increase it to 2, and then eventually 3 tablets a day. after 2 days of taking 3 tablets I started feeling a bit spaced out and wasn't feeling any better.

As off 3 days ago i am now on 25mg of Topamax (once a day).
So far no side effects, but plenty of concerns with all possible effects that have been mentioned in the other threads.

Just wanted to know if anyone else here has been diagnosed with the same condition as i have and what meds have helped them.


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