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Re: Fall 2011 Mommies

Thanks ladies for your support. I am excited for my brother and sister in law. They have one biological DD who was born with a ton of health issues and despite a geneticist telling them that most likely future children would not be born with those same problems, they are afraid to take any chances. So, they have been thinking about adoption for awhile now and they wanted to get the ball rolling soon because their DD is going to be 8 this this works out well for all of us. I get to see my baby grow up in a loving home with 2 parents that are part of my family!!!

As for them telling the child.....they will let the child know as soon as it is old enough to understand that it is adopted and when it does get to an appropriate age, they do want to tell this child everything. Since this adoption is going to take place within the family, they worry that somewhere along the line, it could accidentally get out about me being the birth mother and they don't want that to happen, which I don't blame them. So, yes....they do plan on telling it that I am the biological mother.

So, how is everyone feeling?

I am 10 weeks today and I feel like death! LOL. I have had horrific headaches and my morning sickness is in full swing and out of control. I just feel really blah!!! My clothes are all too tight. My breasts are very sore. And all this while chasing my 2 year old ds who is insanely hyper.
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