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Re: Costochondritis/Inflammation/blood test question…

Hi Jenny,
In a conversation from late summer early fall 2010 you said "there are inflammatory disorders whose main blood feature is that there are no positive markers at all!" ... I am desperate to know what these diseases are, and where I may be able to locate some information and/or list of names. I have been battling the health system and doctors for close to 4 years now trying to find an answer for my many symptoms which present very much like one or more auto immune diseases but do not reflect as such in blood work. I can be clearly, very visibly inflamed in my joints, face, lymph glands, but my blood work always comes back with low sed rate levels, crp, and so forth. In 2008 I had biopsy's on both an extremely swollen lymph gland and one of my many skin wounds/lesions, both of which showed a vague explanation of "extreme number of inflammatory cells" but on the same days I got those biopsies, the blood work showed no inflammatory markers. I continue to ask the doctors why, but not one has taken the time to consider the situation as it is, and looked outside of their little box - Instead, because my blood work does not show what they look for to diagnose, they are telling me I am just fine, they can't help me, and pass me on to a different specialty. I would be sooo grateful for any info!!! Thanks!!!!