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My pain is finally manageable.

Well it is taking longer to recover from the surgery than I thought but the pain is manageable. For so long I have been in chronic pain with little relief but the surgery then the physio has restored me to something like I was 10 years ago. I think money made all the difference as usual. Once I had some money behind me I soon found a surgeon who could fix things. Though I found the physio at the public hospital was better than the private one I first tried.
Now 4 months down the track I am on a 1/4 of the patch I was on and don't need any other pain medication or anti inflammatory. Just a panadol once in a while.
I do have some pain when I do extra on a day but in general things are manageable. I would have liked to started part time work but I am better off concentrating on my physio and walking each day. I am also able to do more maintenance around the home and I can do things to help my disabled niece and other family members. My parents are getting old and my younger sister has hurt her knee and had surgery. She lives on her own and has needed a lift often. I was even able to mow her grass the other day.
Well I didn't get a lot of sleep last night as I was working on some old photo's of family and then I was thinking about the past so I am going to have a sleep this afternoon. The rest seems to be important with healing so I do try to rest when I can.
25-Nov-2010: ALIF fusion L5-S1. 9 years of Chronic lower back pain. Nearly 18 months of pain across my upper pelvis, through my butt and down my left leg into my foot. Sciatica relieved by surgery.

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