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Re: Question regarding changes in meds-Fentanyl, Dilaudid, Opana, Norco, etc.

Johnstar- for some reason, Oxycodone in all it's forms doesn't seem to work well for me - Roxicodone, Oxycontin, Percocet, Concentrated Oxycodone liquid, etc. - Just the way my body is made up I guess. 20mg. of Oxycodone provide me with less relief than 7.5mg of hydrocodone (Vicodin). I also have other health problems so my medications are sometimes a juggling act - Ultram caused seizures, the Fentanyl combined with Verapamil (which was prescribed to help prevent migraines) made me go crazy - as in, I packed a bag, was taken to the ER and admitted to the psych ward by request as I didn't know if I could keep from hurting myself and I was VERY verbally abusive to others (luckily, I had a lucid moment and remembered reading they might interact so I mentioned this to the psychiatrist who doubted it was that particular combo, but I had him check and 24 hours after my last Verapamil I was back to being my "normal crazy" and back home.
The Diluadid is the first medication that's really scaring me as I've heard it compared to heroin many times and my family has a history of drug addiction and I don't want to follow that path.
My level of tolerance to pain meds over the past few years has really been bothering me and in another post I'm asking about other treatment options - various injections, blocks, possibly burning the nerve root & such.
I really appreciate everyone's thoughts and suggestions. This seems like a really great place to converse honestly about pain treatments and not just finding people looking for ways to get high.