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Re: My pain is finally manageable.

i am new and im disabled now for 20 + yrs failed lowback fusion bone graft did not take left me in horrible pain 24/7 so dr put me on oxycodone and fentanyl pain patches they for me worke good enough but to get a dr any dr to write the scripts each month is the pitts i have to call 3 days ahead then go to dr and find out nobody did anything no meds back home call dr again and again then told dr quit so find a new one i have seen 3 different dr's in 3 months right now withdrawls are occuring im sweatin like a fish dizzy messed up stomach shaky oh well see the dr next tuesday dr don't work on mondays i may as well see a butcher better relief and permanent too left hand in cast from steel plates and screws 3/11/11 2 weeks out pain is pain and well dr should let me hit his hands with a hammer for a while might slow the next shot of scotch to his lips after he charged me 17000 and change gave me norco for pain made me sick i thre it out dr thinks i sold it or somthing ?why i been in pain for 20 plus years looking for somthing that worked and would get me off the couch or floor from the pain now im all out of all and have to wait now till tues dr don't do monday so between now and then if i withdrawl which i will ill go to ER tell them why im there dr wouldn't treat my pain of low back thinks im all 100 % healed act of god i guess if there was one why on earth would he let me suffer so and for so long what is around the next corner overdose for me but first have to have something better than asprin some dr's are dr's and some are quacks dr called the sherriff on me today for asking why i had to wait till tuesday to get refill scripts i been on for years allways the same problem either the dr doesn't write it right or the insureance company denies payment to drug store has happened 100 times in last 20 yrs i don't know what keeps me going but i want some more of it just to keep up