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Abscess responding to Ciprofloxacin but not Clindamycin

Hi all,

About 1,5 years ago, I started to have some rash on my left leg, quickly spreading in days to about 5x15 cm. It become some sores due to scratching because of the horrible itch, and weeping clear liquid. I wasn't suspected any infection back then, but just now I know that it was some cellulitis that I might acquire while going to a beach.

Anyway, I thought it was an allergic or eczema (although I never had eczema before, and think that it was Dermatitis Herpetiformis caused by gluten intolerance), I've managed to heal it within a month with apple cider vinegar soaks and drinks, alcohol soaks, and all other natural methods for eczema. And then I was left with some small abscesses, which I managed to get rid with Triamcinolone cream (I know, it's very wrong). A couple of small abscesses would recur though, which would usually be gone with the Triamcinolone cream.

Just around 4 months ago, some of the abscesses weren't gone with a week of Triamcinolone applications. It would keep weeping clear liquid, and was very itchy day and night. Skin peels are everywhere in the morning. Just last month, I've noticed that it could've been bacterial infection, and went straight to the doctor.

So the GP prescribed me Ciprofloxacin 500mg 2xD for 3 days, and tell me to put on betadine on the abscesses 4xD. I finish up the antibiotics dose, despite worried of the side effects that I've read from the internet, as well as becoming very tired during taking them. But then it works wonder, as 50% of the abscesses were healed on the 3rd day, with some still being itchy at times, and still breaking out due to scratching at night.

As 50% of the abscesses weren't totally healed yet, I went back to the doctor. He prescribed Clindamycin 300mg 3xD for 5 days -- I strongly asked him that I don't want another quionoloes, due to fatigue and the possible the side effects.

However, the completing the Clindamycin course didn't do anything, as 50% of the abscesses were even getting worse at days, and the other being still on the exact state as when I complete the Cipro course.

What should I do now? Would the bacteria now be resistant to Cipro? Do you think it would be staph or streps causing this? But I'm very worried to be on Cipro again, as I don't think I can work while on that.

I'm now trying some topical Mupirocin ointment for the remaining abscesses -- tried Neomycin for a day and it didn't seems to help at all. I just applied the Mupirocin twice, but it seems that some sore redness is slightly reduced.

Thanks in advance!

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